South of Fletcher: Stories from the Bowtie (2017-2018) takes a seemingly abandoned former rail yard in Northeast Los Angeles, CA (USA), known as the Bowtie Parcel, as a starting point to consider many of the challenges and opportunities facing rapidly changing cities across the country today. Situated along the Los Angeles River - which will undergo a billion dollar revitalization effort in the near future - this site is in an area on the cusp of change.

Through a deep exploration of the Bowtie over time and the personal stories of some of those whose lives are connected to it, South of Fletcher is about the ways in which our cities evolve, whose voices are heard in discussions about the future of our communities, and why it matters. This project is also about the traces we leave behind, and the memories that remain in a landscape as it changes over time.

Produced in collaboration with Los Angeles-based arts organization, Clockshop, South of Fletcher culminated in a photo exhibit and video installation, podcast (produced by Ruxandra Guidi), and several community events in the fall of 2018. (Exhibit photos by Gina Clyne)