Based in Quito, Ecuador!

Wow... it's hard to believe that almost 10 months have passed since I last wrote, when I was just starting my Scripps Fellowship at the University of Colorado-Boulder. But with a then-infant, and now-toddler in our lives, it seems that time passes ever more quickly, and it's often hard to find the time to do things like stay on top of new updates. I had an incredible year during the Fellowship - met lots of great people and learned tons of new things that are already informing the next stages of my work and new stories that Rux and I are working on. 

Portrait of a young couple near the Centro Historico in Quito, Ecuador. 05 June 2014

Portrait of a young couple near the Centro Historico in Quito, Ecuador. 05 June 2014

Boulder, CO was a great, mellow home for the year, but we've moved on and are now settling into our new home base in lovely Quito, Ecuador, where we can be closer to the region we've been focusing on over the last several years. It feels great to be back in S. America, and we're excited to be exploring and meeting lots of great people here in Quito. 

Rux and I have also started an online photo/audio/print journal in which we're sharing thoughts, images, notes, etc. from the field and from daily life here, as well as a weekly series of photographic and audio portraits of folks with whom we cross paths that we're calling Quito Portraits. We'd love for you to check it out... and check back periodically as the series, the journal, and our work evolves.

Scripps Fellowship in Environmental Journalism

It's been such a hectic Summer that I haven't had time to post that I'm honored and excited to be starting the 2013-14 academic year in at the University of Colorado - Boulder as one of five Scripps Fellows in Environmental Journalism . We're already here in beautiful Boulder, and I'm looking forward to an inspiring, educational, and fun year of going back to school and being surrounded by other passionate journalists and storytellers! Stay tuned for updates...

FotoVisura Grant Announcement

I'm humbled to have been chosen as an Honorable Mention in this year's FotoVisura Grant competition. And, congratulations and best wishes to the winner, Andrea Gjestvang, and the other finalists - all of whom have excellent, important projects. At a time when we all know how difficult it is to pursue documentary photography, it's inspiring to see so many dedicated photographers from around the world doing great work. Congrats to everyone who was recognized this year!